Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vegas Sportsbooks Making Their Own Rules

Two weeks ago we read about an odd scenario in college football between USC and Utah.  USC was a 7.5 favorite for this game.  On the final play of the game with USC leading 17-14 they blocked a Utah field goal attempt and returned it for a touchdown.  A miscommunication between the scorer and officials initially waived off the touchdown due to an excessive celebration penalty leaving Utah with the cover.  Pac-12 officials changed the score over two hours later to include the game ending touchdown making the final score 23-14 effectively changing the outcome of the betting side.  This erupted in a barrage of calls from gamblers and casinos to the Nevada Gaming Control Board but still resulted in some casinos honoring one side while others honored the opposite side.  What was the gaming board doing?  If not consistent across the board then each sports book is making it's own rules and not being regulated.  Sounds like another case of Vegas never loses.  The fix in is!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Odd Ending to Michigan - Western Michigan Game Last Week

Last week was the very first time in Michigan University history that a football game was canceled.  Well it was canceled after three quarters.  Keep in mind Michigan was a 14.5 point favorite over Western Michigan with a 57.5 over/under.  One source showed over 70% of the public on Michigan and a slight majority on the over as well.  Already handily covering the 14.5 spread and nearing the over did someone pull the plug on this game early?  Alright so severe weather was in the area and did delay the game but games in close proximity were all completed as normal so what gives?  Although Michigan was credited with the win it was not a complete game therefore bettors of Michigan were not paid out and once again Vegas doesn't lose a penny.  Just something to think about when you see weird occurrences in sports.