Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pit Crew Helps IndyCar Driver Win Race

Last Sunday at the GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma the IndyCar team of Will Power found themselves involved in some questionable tactics. Driver Scott Dixon came in for a pit stop followed by driver Will Power whose pit box was directly in front of Dixon's. Upon exiting his pit box Dixon clipped Travis Law, a crew member from Will Power's team. These accidents do happen from time to time but after a closer look it appeared that Law didn't even bother to avoid Dixon's car, was in no rush at all and clearly left the tire he was holding hanging out as if trying to make Dixon swing out farther. Once the replays were shown you can here the announcers make the same conclusion and also state that this should not be blamed on Dixon. Why is this being scrutinized so much? If Dixon had won the race (lead lap numbers 34-45 of 85 total) he quite possibly could have taken the series point lead but instead is now sitting 39 points behind the leader. At the time of this incident Dixon was leading the race but was give a drive-through penalty which dropped him to 21st place and ultimately finished 15th. Instead, Power ended up taking the checkered flag at Sonoma. Check out the video and let us know what you think.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

El Salvador Soccer Match Fixing

A couple of days ago El Salvador became the latest country embroiled in a soccer match fixing controversy. The countries soccer federation has suspended 22 national team players as they investigate the matches listed below. Raids took place at the homes of 11 players that included seizures of cell phones, tablets, computers and more. Rumors are that prosecutors do have substantial evidence including money laundering. Federation president Carlos Mendez Cabezas stated that El Salvador will not play games until complaints of these matches are resolved.

  • 2-1 loss to the United States in February 2010
  • 1-0 loss to D.C. United in July 2010
  • 5-0 loss to Mexico in July 2011
  • 4-1 loss to Paraguay in February 2012

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nigerian Soccer Players and Officials Banned for Life

Several weeks ago two Nigerian amateur soccer teams were vying for one spot in the professional ranks. In the last game of the season, both The Plateau United Feeders and the Police Machine teams both playing at the same time needed to win and edge the other in goal differential to be promoted. Unfortunately players from both these teams, both their opponents and the officials allowed a free for all of goal scoring. The Police Machine ended up winning 67-0 and the Feeders topped that with a win of 79-0. Obviously suspicious and fixed, the Nigeria Football Federation banned players from all four teams and the match officials for life and the four clubs were suspended for ten years. Hope they enjoyed a lifetime of goals in that one day since they will never score another.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

MLB Suspends those Players Involved with Biogenesis

Earlier this week Major League Baseball handed down suspensions as expected to those players involved with performance enhancing drugs (PED) and the Biogenesis company. Some names bigger than others and some will have additional consequences as their teams with be without them during the playoff race. The biggest name, Alex Rodriguez will continue to play while he appeals his suspension. I personally don't think that he should be allowed to play with the playoff race going on and his affect on that. Can sports really keep ahead of the PED game? This is a major statement from MLB but this has been going on for how many years now? Who know how many players are truly on the juice and other pharmaceutical goodies.

Suspensions due to Biogenesis:

-Alex Rodriguez - 211 games
-Cesar Carrillo - 100 games already served
-Ryan Braun - 65 games
-Antonio Bastardo - 50 games
-Everth Cabrera - 50 games
-Francisco Cervelli - 50 games
-Nelson Cruz - 50 games
-Fautino De Los Santos - 50 games
-Sergio Escalona - 50 games
-Fernando Martinez - 50 games
-Jesus Montero - 50 games
-Jordan Norberto - 50 games
-Jhonny Peralta - 50 games
-Cesar Puello - 50 games
-Jordany Valdespin - 50 games
-Melky Cabrera - 50 games already served
-Bartolo Colon - 50 games already served
-Yasmani Grandal - 50 games already served

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Biogenesis Scandal Expands to Other Major Sports

Biogenesis, the Miami anti-aging clinic tied to performance enhancing drug (PED) use by baseball players has wider list of professional athletes tied to them than first believed. Initially thought to be tied to just MLB players, now reports from SB Nation and others are linking NBA, MMA, boxing and tennis players. Former Biogenesis employee Porter Fischer divulged the information about the companies owner Tony Bosch and who they provided PED's to in an interview with ESPN's "Outside the Lines". Ryan Braun in baseball has already accepted a season ending 65 game suspension from MLB. So who will be next and from which sport?