Saturday, August 10, 2013

MLB Suspends those Players Involved with Biogenesis

Earlier this week Major League Baseball handed down suspensions as expected to those players involved with performance enhancing drugs (PED) and the Biogenesis company. Some names bigger than others and some will have additional consequences as their teams with be without them during the playoff race. The biggest name, Alex Rodriguez will continue to play while he appeals his suspension. I personally don't think that he should be allowed to play with the playoff race going on and his affect on that. Can sports really keep ahead of the PED game? This is a major statement from MLB but this has been going on for how many years now? Who know how many players are truly on the juice and other pharmaceutical goodies.

Suspensions due to Biogenesis:

-Alex Rodriguez - 211 games
-Cesar Carrillo - 100 games already served
-Ryan Braun - 65 games
-Antonio Bastardo - 50 games
-Everth Cabrera - 50 games
-Francisco Cervelli - 50 games
-Nelson Cruz - 50 games
-Fautino De Los Santos - 50 games
-Sergio Escalona - 50 games
-Fernando Martinez - 50 games
-Jesus Montero - 50 games
-Jordan Norberto - 50 games
-Jhonny Peralta - 50 games
-Cesar Puello - 50 games
-Jordany Valdespin - 50 games
-Melky Cabrera - 50 games already served
-Bartolo Colon - 50 games already served
-Yasmani Grandal - 50 games already served

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