Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ultimate Fraud Championship (UFC) 112

Did anyone else pay for UFC 112?  What the hell was that?  I have been waiting months for this event and it was a disaster.  Can't say for sure if anything was fixed but the outcomes sure seemed unlikely.  Maybe the three main bouts had lots of money on them that they wouldn't go to the late rounds and therefore they all did in shocking ways.  In the first main bout Matt Hughes had plenty of opportunities to take out Renzo Gracie but continued to knock him down with leg kicks and strikes only to stroll to the other side of the octagon and let Renzo get back up time and time again finally ending in a late third round stoppage.  In the second fight BJ Penn was looking for the knockout punch the first two rounds.  I then commented to friends and also heard his own trainers tell him to take it to the ground.  One of the best BJJ specialist in the world and he does not listen to his trainers and did not even attempt one take down in five championship rounds.  Something was definitely not right about Penn or this fight which led to Frankie Edgar stealing the lightweight title from Penn in a unanimous decision.  I'm pretty pissed by now and expecting Anderson Silva to put on a show against Damian Maia for the middleweight title bout.  Silva certainly put on a show.  We have all seen him egg on opponents before but this was out of control and made him look like an disrespectful goof to Maia, UFC, Dana White and all us of poor saps that paid for this event on television.  Once he was warned late in the fight for taunting he then decided to run around the octagon and waste time to get his unanimous decision.  Maia made a late charge with the upset crowd chanting his name at this point but the damage was already done.  I'm a huge MMA and UFC fan but tonight they were KO'd!!!  Check out the video above of Dana White in disgust of this event.  My advice to him for the next few days is to not check his twitter account as there are quite a lot of vulgar complaints.

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