Friday, June 18, 2010

Sandgate Skate Sabotage

Although the Philadelphia Flyers did advance to the Stanley Cup finals there was some controversy during their playoff series with the Montreal Canadiens now dubbed Sandgate.  NBC's Pierre McGuire noticed during Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals that some foreign substance or sand was covering the floor by the Flyers' dressing room.  I can attest as a former hockey player that any foreign substance coming into contact with skate blades can be horrendous.  Throughout the game several Flyers' players left the ice for skate issues and by the third period towels covered the floor where the substance was reported. reported multiple players getting skates sharpened multiple times throughout the game which led to some missed shifts.  The Canadiens denied any knowledge or wrong doing but this sure seems like a case of sand-bagging the opponent but regardless the Flyers advanced to the finals.

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