Saturday, October 1, 2011

Phantom Call

Alright this one angered me because I got the short end of the stick this time.  Did anyone else see the Chicago Bears 89-yard TD trick return nullified by a phantom call last weekend?  The Bears were a 4 point home dog to the Packers and the total was set at 45.5. With about a minute left and the Bears trailing 27-17 the Bears pulled off a sweet fake from Devin Hester but was actually fielded on the other side of the field and ran back for a TD by Johnny Knox. Regardless of the extra point it would have pushed the total over and with the extra point the spread in favor of the Bears.  The trick play the Bears had been practicing worked like a charm but of course it was too good to be true for Vegas and the National Fix League (NFL).  Don't get me wrong I love the NFL, it's my gambling specialty so I don't go calling fix every time I lose but this one was obvious.  The referee initially called holding on number 29.  Well that's weird, the Bears don't even have a player with number 29.  To cover his tracks he then calls it on number 21 Corey Graham who was about 35 yards away from the play and had no direct impact on the run back, nor was it a hold.  Not only did Bears and over bettors suffer, the fans did too in what was once of the best trick plays in a long time even mentioned by opposing quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

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