Saturday, November 17, 2012

Youth Football Gambling Ring Busted

A gambling ring in South Florida has recently been shut down by authorities. This gambling ring wagered on youth football in the South Florida area, yes you read that correctly youth football. Guess you can gamble on anything these days. Nine men pictured above were arrested including several coaches. Coaches met prior to games to set point spreads while parents were gambling in the stands. This was  not your friendly wager of five dollars between parents who know each other but rather full on gambling with the youth football championship game bringing in a total of more than $100,000 wagered on this game alone. There was no evidence that players were encouraged to play one way or another or even knew about the betting. If the coaches set the lines who is to say they didn't influence play calling. It was reported that several of these coaches have criminal histories so I wouldn't be surprised if they swayed things one way or another depending on the money being bet from side to side to further their own winnings. Hope this serves as a lesson to the kids, parents and coaches, gambling does not belong around children!

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