Saturday, February 2, 2013

They Call it the Super Bowl for a Reason

My yearly rant about this game is back. They call it the Super Bowl because Vegas and online sports books along with the bookies make a SUPER killing. Vegas sports books have profited off this game 20 out of the last 22 years with losses of $2.57M and $397K in those two losing years. Sure, all those ridiculous prop bets add to the take but how can anyone profit that many years without some sort of fixed result to ensure profitability? Maybe the sports books should be the one's raising the Lombardi trophy each year. Happy betting and enjoy the Super Bowl.

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  1. The results are in and once again Las Vegas Sports Books made money again on the Super Bowl. With a higher percentage of bettors on the Ravens I thought for sure they might lose this year but that's impossible of course when things are fixed. According to Yahoo Sports fans bet a record $98.9M at 183 Nevada sports books and profited $7.2M. Although the percentage was higher on the Ravens the amount bet on the 49ers was greater mostly due to next door neighbors in California flooding the betting windows. Vegas sports books said they did get killed on the prop bets this year. Some sports books did end up small losers or around break even but regardless the net take for all Vegas sports books was once again positive. That now makes it 21 of 23 winning years since the state's gaming commission started keeping these official records.