Saturday, May 25, 2013

Was the 2013 Preakness Horse Race Fixed?

Was the 2013 Preakness horse race last weekend fixed? I am not saying it was or wasn't but it sure seems like one of those events you need to question. Orb, the clear favorite went off at final odds of 3-5 with the next closest horse Itsmyluckyday went off at 8-1. I can't recall hearing so many experts and casual gamblers alike all taking the same horse in one race. I don't have numbers to support this but it sure seems like everyone and their mom's were taking Orb in this race with very little action on other horses to win. The Preakness host Pimlico and OTB's worldwide cleaned house on this one race, so much so that I have to question it. Sure, a horse or jockey can have an off day or race but this favorite should have moved towards the end. Orb was stuck in the middle for a little but had time to make it's move and never did in a race that only featured nine horses compared to the 19 that ran in the Kentucky Derby that Orb had no problem winning. Something seems fishy to me about the race. No, I did not have any action on this race but I almost went to the OTB and glad I ultimately did not.

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