Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Are Major Sponsors in on the Fix too?

I am a little early with my weekly feature this week but this news just dropped today and ties into the NBA finals going on now which could be closed out tonight with a win by the San Antonio Spurs. CBS Sports found some interesting news about Nike, the Miami Heat and the 2012-2013 NBA champions. Apparently Nike has already crowned the Miami Heat 2012-2013 NBA champions even though they are down three games to two going into game six tonight. Pictures released by NikeTalk.com show the new low-top LeBron X shoes have inscribed '2-Time Champion' inside one shoe and '11-12, 12-13' inside the other shoe. So what happens if the Spurs win? Would Nike really waste all that money on pre-production or a possible recall? It's not like those cheap championship shirts and hats that get printed for both finalists of major sports, these are expensive basketball shoes that can be produced anytime after the finals are over. So back to my title, are major sponsors in on the fix too and know the outcomes of major sporting events? Let's go Spurs!


  1. Interesting piece of evidence. But maybe it's just the prototype for the shoe or something. Anyway, sports these days are so corrupted, it's not even worth arguing the contrary. I love football (soccer to you) but I saw it transformed over the years by sponsors and especially betting businesses. How can you allow a betting agency to sponsor a football team or a football league? Can no one see the potential for corruption here? Or the conflict of interest?

  2. Absolutely agree with your points and thanks for the comment.