Saturday, July 20, 2013

Was the Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman Fight Fixed?

Two weekends ago we saw one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time Anderson Silva get upset via TKO by Chris Weidman in the second round of their UFC 162 middleweight title fight. I have never heard so many people call a fight fixed before but I honestly don't think this one was or at least it wasn't supposed to go down with an early TKO. Some say Silva was bored with fighting, some said he wanted to spend more time with family and yet others even claimed a secret meeting before the fight where the belt was bought from Silva in exchange for $1M. Silva was horsing around like he usually does and eventually he would get caught like this. Quite a few people predicted the upset which had Silva as a 2 to 1 favorite and highly doubt that many people would have insider knowledge of such a fix if it were truly fixed. Click here and listen to the end of this pre-fight interview in which Silva predicts Weidman as champ which does make me at least question this fight. UFC president Dana White quickly rebutted these accusations in several interviews that can be read here and viewed here. So what do you think? Was it fixed?

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