Saturday, December 21, 2013

Are Sports Outcomes Manipulated When Running Short on Television Broadcasting Time?

One of the major topics author Brian Tuohy touches on in his book 'The Fix Is In' is that sports leagues create story lines and manipulate outcomes to bring in higher television ratings to make those multi-billion dollar television rights deals worthwhile.

Similarly I have to wonder if some sporting events are manipulated when time is short on a regular TV channel broadcast. Obviously fans want to see the end of a game or fight but either the broadcast cuts it off short or the outcome dramatically finishes within minutes so they don't go over their expensive schedules. I see this time and time again with fights. Take last Saturday's Fox broadcast of UFC on Fox 9: Johnson vs. Benavidez 2. I was looking at the time before this fight started and noticed the broadcast was about to go way over the scheduled time especially if this fight went the full five rounds which was expected since neither Demetrious Johnson nor Joseph Benavidez had ever been finished and only lost via decisions. Although the TV broadcast still went over it wasn't nearly as bad as it potentially could have been because the unthinkable happened again, Johnson knocked out Benavidez two minutes into the very first round. It looked legit but how do these types of occurrences happen over and over again when broadcasts look like they will go over there allotted times? It would be much easier to pay off a player or fighter to make an error or take a dive to finish things early than to have to pay the almighty television companies hefty fines for going over broadcast times. Just my thoughts for the week.

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