Monday, March 1, 2010

Did Canada Have a Backup Plan?

Per my last post it would seem the Olympics are pretty much free from fixes but wanted to bring up one game to question.  As the host of the Olympics and the sport of Canada the only gold they were concerned with was in ice hockey.  Nothing less than the gold in ice hockey would be accepted in Canada at these home Olympics.  Sidney Crosby and the gold were supposed to be a given.  With all the talent this team had most would not suspect anything.  I think Canada played a great gold medal game but did they have a backup plan if things didn't go their way?  The two referees were from Canada, one linesman from Canada and the other linesman from Finland who the US knocked out of the gold medal game.  How is this unbiased and fair to begin with?  How fitting Crosby who was pretty quiet the whole tournament scores the game winner in overtime on a shot US goalie Ryan Miller would have stopped 99 out of 100 times.  The record for most medals won in one winter Olympics was broken by the USA this year with a total of 37.  Was this our consolation prize for giving Canada the gold in ice hockey?  Just posing these questions to see what others think.  It was a great game, fairly refereed and congratulations to Canada.

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