Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mark McGwire's Brother Writes Book on Their PED Use

On Monday, March first Jay McGwire's book "Mark and Me: Mark McGwire and the Truth Behind Baseball's Worst Kept Secret" was supposed to be released.  Mark McGwire's brother Jay discusses their use of performance enhancing drugs (PED).  Mark has said he is so saddened and upset he does not plan to see his brother again.  If anyone has read this yet please let us know what information is brought to light or if any other players are exposed.


  1. We read the book...very good and not a tell all as everyone might think. It is well written and Jay is quite remorseful for his roll in the PEDs. Mark should read the book...then he might know how his little brother has been since they last talked in 2002! You should pick it up and take a is worth the $.

  2. I still have not found the time to pick this up but appreciate the review. Glad to hear it's worth the read and hope to get to it soon.