Saturday, December 11, 2010

More NFL High Jinx

Just an observation of last Monday night's football game between the Colts and Titans here.  I see it every week but since this game was the only one on the board it probably stuck out more.  Both teams hurting but a Manning led Colts team desperately needing the win only favored by 3 to 4.5 depending on where you got it.  With a 21-7 lead at halftime against a Kerry Collins led Titans offense that cannot score most bettors thought this was in the bag.  Remember the last two games the Titans only put up 6 total points.  So how in the world did the Titans almost come back and score 21 second half points and back door the spread with a 30-28 final score?  Vegas my friends!  Before this game started I checked two of my sources and found 85% and 81% of bettors backing the Colts on the spread.  Rarely is it that lopsided and anytime I see percentages that high I either lay off that game or bet against the public.  What else can explain an anemic offense to rumble back in the second half like that?  Let alone get penalties and interceptions called back in their favor just to get that last touchdown with no time left.  It didn't matter in the standings, it only mattered in Vegas and once again they made a killing on this game.  I will disclose that I took the Titans on the spread and won but I also lost by taking the under.  Before the game I spoke with one of my fellow gamblers and laughed at the predictable fix about to happen.

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