Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Poor MMA Judging

I watched The Ultimate Fighter season 12 finale last night and once again the judges had their heads stuck up there asses.  Nam Phan clearly beat out opponent Leonard Garcia as he was the pursuer for most of the fight and inflicted plenty of damage.  When the decision was announced as a split for Garcia the crowd erupted in boo's and chants of bullshit.  Even television announcer Joe Rogan went off on the judges during the next fight.  He explained that these judges are from the Nevada State Athletic Commission and urged everyone to write, tweet, email and do whatever you can to get some competent judges.  These judges are either completely incompetent or on the take and fixing these fights.  There is no excuse for last night's poor decision.  Check out these articles for more on this outrageous decision at Opposing Views and MMA Torch.

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  1. UFC fans certainly let the NSAC have it after this fight. Check out this article