Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another Blown Call at UFC 142

Usually we see the uneducated boxing scorers fix the outcomes of MMA decisions but this time we blame the referee for the blown call at UFC 142 last weekend in Brazil. Fighter Erick Silva made the most of his UFC debut by throwing a nice knee followed by some ground and pound on opponent Carlo Prater for an early referee stoppage in round one. When the official decision was announced that Silva was disqualified by referee Mario Yamasaki the crowd erupted in anger. Yamasaki DQ'd Silva for illegal blows to the back of the head. Shortly after announcer Joe Rogan went through the replay and strike after strike noted the each hit was legal. UFC president Dana White also criticized the call and continues to urge the commissions to start using instant replay before making these ridiculous errors in judgement and scoring or as we like to say, fixes! Silva was fighting in his home country with a raucous crowd behind him and also a heavy favorite at the sports books, go figure.

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