Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sun Belt Officials Can't Count

Missed this one a few weeks ago in college basketball but thought it was definitely of interest. Host Western Kentucky lost to Louisiana-Lafayette 72-70 on January 5th. One website showed about 60% of the public was backing Western Kentucky and here is where it gets interesting. With second left in the game Louisiana-Lafayette made the winning layup but they did it with six players on the floor. Yes, they had one too many players on the floor and not one referee caught this. I understand mistakes happen but this is at the college level and you have multiple referee's so how would this possibly be missed? My guess, the fix was in. The majority of action was on Western Kentucky as a 1 1/2 point home dog and what do you know Louisiana-Lafayette wins by two to cover the spread while using six players. Something stinks here and have heard the referee's from the Sun Belt conference are expected to be suspended.

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