Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Fix Bowl

Well tomorrow is the big day and something I will rant on every year. The Super Bowl, the biggest single betting game of the year! The one game so big that sharps can't even move the line because of the amount of action on it. I have read that some believe this could be the highest bet game beating the $94 million on Super Bowl XL which of course doesn't include offshore books and your local bookies. My yearly statistic, the Las Vegas sports books have only lost minimal amounts in two of the last twenty one Super Bowl's. One interesting thing to note though is the last loss came in 2008 when the Giants upset the Patriots, the same two teams playing this year. If it's not fixed with that amount of action, how is that possible?

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  1. Although the public was on the dog (Giants) surprisingly, Vegas sports books still made a net profit of $5,064,470 on the under and prop bets with a new record total handle of $93,899,840.