Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Day Boxing Died

Crooked judges, top fighters avoiding each other and greedy promoters. Yes I am talking about the further decline in boxing. Last week's split decision victory for Timothy Bradley over Manny Pacquiao has the boxing world in an uproar and for good reason.

Last Saturday's fight saw Pacquiao connect on 253 of 751 punches thrown (34%) while Bradley landed only 115 of 839 (19%). Pacquiao's punches at times stumbled Bradley while Bradley was pretty much ineffective except for staying in the center and challenging his opponent. In a poll of ringside reporters not one gave the decision to Bradley and even Bradley himself admitted to promoter Bob Arum that he came up short just before the decision was announced. Most unofficial judges and reporters gave Pacquiao anywhere from 9 to 11 rounds out of the total 12.

So why then did judges Jerry Roth score it 115-113 Pacquiao, Duane Ford 115-113 Bradley and C.J. Ross 115-113 Bradley? As soon as this was officially announced the boxing world went crazy and even promoter Bob Arum who repped both fighters said, "I'm ashamed for the sport." How can professional judges be that incompetent? I think it's more like corrupted judges. Many are calling for an investigation into this result.

With all the problems boxing already has this definitely worsened things for the sport. With Pacquiao being defeated and aging a match up with Mayweather seems less important. Fans including myself have just had enough.

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