Saturday, June 2, 2012

F1 Team McLaren's Costly Penalty

Last month at the Spanish Grand Prix the McLaren F1 team of driver Lewis Hamilton was penalized for a fuel irregularity. Once qualifying is complete all cars require enough fuel to return to the pits and provide a one-litre sample per the mandatory rules of the governing body of F1. Running lower levels of fuel can provide a performance advantage and regardless of that proof Hamilton did initially capture the pole position. After qualifying was complete McLaren ordered Hamilton to stop on the track due to lack of fuel caused by a fueling mistake from the team. The stewards rejected the reasoning and stripped Hamilton of the pole and had him start at the back of the field. Hamilton did finish on the lead lap and finished eight overall for the race but lost out on important season points by not finishing higher. Minimal race car tweaks can make all the difference but you have to make sure to follow all the rules or risk penalty.

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