Monday, January 18, 2010

Are the New York Jets a Cinderalla Fix?

I truly question the legitimacy of the 2009-10 New York Jets and it all begins with Brett Favre.  First, the Jets never would have traded Favre to the Minnesota Vikings or they would have given up three first-round draft picks.  How convenient Favre retires again and then unretires to be the starting QB of the team he wanted to play for, the Vikings.  Secondly, the Jets seemed to have a playoff berth handed to them.  With two games left in the regular season and the playoffs mostly out of the picture they get two straight games handed to them by powerhouse teams Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals resting players.  Third, the Jets have now won two playoff games with rookie QB Mark Sanchez who became only the second rookie QB in history to win two playoff games.  What really peaked my curiousity was the New York Jets/San Diego Chargers playoff game yesterday when not only did Sanchez tie history for a rookie QB but also the way the game played out.  Pro-bowl place-kicker Nate Kaeding a career 87.2% field goal percentage went 0-3.  One field goal is all that determined that game and one of the best missed all three attempts in one game.  So did the NFL compensate the Jets with a playoff appearance after they lost Favre?  Will the Cinderalla Jets win it all?  The Jets now get a rematch with the Colts this coming Sunday for the AFC championship.  I think the NFL with revenues on there mind would rather have a Peyton Manning let Colts in the superbowl than the Jets but we shall see soon.  Enjoy it while it lasts Jets.

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