Friday, January 29, 2010

NHL Refs Have Their Own Agenda

On December 8, 2009 Vancouver Canucks' forward Alex Burrows embellished an injury coaxing referee Stephane Auger to call a major and game misconduct on Predators Jerred Smithson.  Proof came in Burrows quick return to the ice on his next shift without any missed time.  In a rematch on January 11th Burrows accused referee Auger of retribution for embarrassing him into that call in December.  Before the game started words were exchanged in French in which Burrows claims referee Auger said payback was coming.  Auger first whistles Burrows for a questionable diving infraction.  Next he called him for a fake interference penalty.  With four seconds left he called on Burrows again for unsportsmanlike conduct and was given a game misconduct.  The Canucks' ended up losing 3-2 to the Predators on this night.  Did these bogus penalties lead to a Canuck loss?  Auger has 10 years of NHL experience and has not worked a playoff game since 2004.  Does the NHL know about their rogue referees but trying to hide the fix or do these refs have agendas of their own?  Either way this ruins the integrity of the game and is a blatant fix.

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