Monday, February 1, 2010

Running of the Bulls

Can an average Chicago Bulls team below .500 go on the road and win 5 straight in one trip?  I guess any team can get hot but you have to question the quality of these teams.  Going into the January 22, 2010 game the Bulls were a pathetic 4-15 on the road.  First victim the Phoenix Suns on January 22nd who had a 16-4 home record.  Second victory at the Houston Rockets who were 13-5 at home, the next night in which the Bulls arrived after midnight.  Next shocker at the San Antonio Spurs on January 25th who owned a 17-8 home record at the time.  The Bulls fourth straight road victory came on January 27th at the 12-9 home record of the Oklahoma City Thunder.  The final victim was the New Orleans Hornets on January 29th who possess a 16-4 home record.  The Bulls were point spread dogs in each game and won outright in each game.  The Chicago Tribune determined the odds of winning all five of these games based on Las Vegas money lines to be 486-1 or a 0.2% chance of occurring per their sports section article on January 30, 2010.  The Bulls have not won 5 straight on the road in one trip since early 1997 or a more believable Michael Jordan era.  Further research finds that no team in NBA history has beat five straight teams with winning records on the road during the same trip.  Was the FixBA getting too much money line action in Las Vegas against the Bulls who are notoriously bad on the road?

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