Saturday, February 6, 2010

Las Vegas Rules the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl handle in Nevada has been tracked since 1991.  How many years do you think they have lost money on this mega event? Two, that is correct two!  In 1995 Nevada casinos lost a whopping $396,674 and a bit more in 2008 at $2,573,103.  You're going to tell me that casinos in Nevada are going to profit 17 years and lose peanuts in only two years.  With millions of bettors betting different sides, totals and props it would be virtually impossible to have that kind of winning trend unless something was fixed.  People love sports and way too much money is made off of it and that is why it never will be truly exposed for what it really is the biggest fraud on the planet.  Good luck on your bets and squares this Sunday!

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