Thursday, January 21, 2010

Flyers-Penguins Goal Dispute January 7, 2010

Producer Lowell MacDonald Jr. was suspended by FSN Pittsburgh network for his broadcast of the January 7, 2010 Flyers-Penguins game which failed to deliver replay video in a goal dispute in a timely manner.  With the road team Flyers up 5-3 it appeared Flyers forward Simon Gagne scored but officials ruled no goal because replay video was lacking.  Shortly after play resumed video replays were aired validating the goal but was too late to reverse.  Video replay sharing must be immediate per NHL rules.  FSN indefinitely suspended MacDonald on January 12th whose father once played for the Pens.  The road Flyers did end up winning this match 7-4.  What was the motive here?  It could have been a human or technical error but we always have to question these occurences.  Were they trying keep it close for a Pens comeback attempt?

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